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  • Atlanta Waterjet can hold tolerances for materials up to 2" thick of +/- .005". For materials over 2" thick, our tolerances increase proportionally.

  • General machining nozzle (.030)

Edge Quality

  • Atlanta Waterjet offers a range of edge quality finishes. From Q1 lowest quality, very rough, high speed cut, Q2, Q3 our standard production edge finish, Q4 and Q5 a very smooth and highly precise cut.


  • Atlanta Waterjet abilities range from prototyping a single piece, small runs to production quantities.

Material Size

  • Atlanta Waterjet can handle a wide range of sizes. With our programmable motorized Z axis we are able to cut up to 8” thick.

Abrasive Waterjet as a Secondary Process

  • Atlanta Waterjet can precisely align pre-machined parts for secondary machining utilizing our Precision Optical Locator, allowing us to determine the position of a piece of material on the table and perform secondary machining. A calibration setting allows it to be used in a manner that is similar to looking directly down the center of the nozzle.

Secondary Processes

  • Deburring

  • Sandblasting



More Capabilities:

  • Prototypes, limited runs or production for fast-track turnaround

  • Production directly from AutoCAD DXF or DWG files.

  • Close part-nesting assures maximum material yield with minimal waste

  • Precise, intricate shapes with tolerances of +-.005”  

  • Smooth, precise edges in any two-dimensional shape

  • No stresses or heat affected zone (HAZ), no to minimal burrs.

  • Daily UPS local and international shipping.

  • Freight line accessibility.


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