Why Consider Abrasive Waterjet Technologies?

  • Simple and rapid programming and set-up time with minimal fixturing.

  • One cutting tool performs all machining functions in all materials.

  • Material yield is optimized by utilizing nesting features and a kerf of 0.030.

  • There are no mechanical stresses induced during cutting.

  • Wide ranges of conventional processes are performed with this single tool:  • Drilling  • Sawing  • Gear cutting  • Profile milling  • Slitting  • Blanking  • Punching

  • No special tooling required for unusual shapes or profiles; omni-directional cutting permits complex shapes.

  • Able to machine a wide range of thickness and materials, including reflective, conductive and thicker materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, copper and brass.

  • Works well in non-conductive materials such as glass, stone and plastic.

  • Can machine, hardened metals and materials with low melting points.

  • Can produce parts up to 2" thick in virtually any material while holding tolerances on the order of ±0.003" to ±0.005

  • The process uses garnet as an abrasive. Garnet is a reddish natural crystal, with a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7.5. No noxious gases or liquids are used in Abrasive Waterjet machining, nor are there any oils used in the machining process.

  • Materials cut by the Abrasive Waterjet have a smooth, satin-like finish, similar to a fine sandblasted finish

  • Abrasive Waterjets abrades material at room temperatures, providing a smooth uniform surface.

  • The Abrasive Waterjet process produces minimal to no burrs and parts can often be used directly without deburring.

Why Atlanta Waterjet?

  • Prototypes, limited runs or production for fast-track turnaround

  • Production directly from .dxf files, CAD files or scanned images

  • Close part-nesting assures maximum material yield with minimal waste

  • Precise, intricate shapes with tolerances of +-.005”  

  • Smooth, precise edges in any two-dimensional shape

  • No stresses or heat affected zone (HAZ), no to minimal burrs.

  • Daily UPS local and international shipping.

  • Freight line accessibility.



Are you interested in having Atlanta Waterjet work for you?